Master of Arts in Governance and Development (MAGD) program, offered by BIGD at Brac University

The Master of Arts in Governance and Development (MAGD) program, offered by BIGD at Brac University is a nationally and internationally acclaimed program that has been meticulously designed for government and non-profit officials, researchers, development practitioners, and young professionals who want to make public policy work for development.

The MAGD program has been playing a significant role in nurturing promising policymakers, enabling them to take on multifaceted, complex governance and development challenges with confidence.

To achieve its aim of developing highly effective policymakers and professionals in governance and development, the program offers a wide range of expertise among faculty, cross-learning opportunities with development programs, and connecting with a strong alumni network. The MAGD program requires 36 credits and can be completed within 2 years under an open-credit system.


MAGD will offer a unique blend of teaching by globally acclaimed academics and the insights of locally rooted practitioners to build a strong theoretical foundation on governance and development and the capabilities to successfully implement learned theories into practice.

MAGD aims to enable policymakers and professionals to successfully address the 21st-century challenges and meaningfully contribute to the sustainable, inclusive development of their country.

Who it is for

We have opened the program to professionals in non-profit, research institutes, journalists, think tanks interested in public policy and governance, and fresh graduates and young professionals aspiring to build a career in public policy, in addition to government officials.

The redesigned MAGD will be offered from Fall 2023 as a non-residential blended/hybrid program to offer the necessary flexibility to working students.

Career & Outcomes

MAGD will cultivate critical thinking among the students and develop their soft and hard skills to turn them into strategic, agile, efficient, and responsive actors of governance and development.

Participation in the MAGD program will provide an opportunity for the students to be a part of a thriving, global alumni network. Access to digital content and an understanding of the role of the latest technologies in public policy analysis will ensure that students are well-equipped to be confident benefactors of the fourth industrial revolution.

Therefore, MAGD graduates have an additional edge over their peers, giving them an advantage in terms of career progression and job postings.

Program Duration

MAGD is a post-graduate program consisting of 36 credits to be completed in approximately 2 years under an open-credit system.

Class Timing

Generally, the classes are held outside working hours to provide flexibility for professionals.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Government officials or individuals employed by the Government of Bangladesh with at least 2 years of work experience, or individuals engaged in a profession that requires working with the government, professionals/academicians who analyze public policy, or individuals with a specific academic interest in public policy, governance, and development-related area.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree from any UGC-authorized university in Bangladesh or abroad.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least a 2nd Class/Division or CGPA 2.5 out of 4.0 from any government-authorized university.

Note: Candidates with a third division or CGPA of 2.00 at any level of education are not eligible to apply.

*BIGD is also offering free tuition for a few selected government officials based on their performance in the admission test.