MBBS in Bangladesh

Study MBBS in Bangladesh, the country with the highest passing rate for MCI Screening test or FMGE between 2012-14. Between 2015-18 and 2019, Indian students again performed well in FMGE after studying MBBS in Bangladesh. The FMGE passing percentage from Bangladesh was slightly higher than that of the Philippines and way higher than that of China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Bangladesh is becoming a hot destination for students from countries like India, Nepal, etc. for getting their MBBS degree. Every year, a large number of international students apply to the top medical universities in Bangladesh. The cost of living and education here is quite affordable compared to other medical colleges around the world. The medical universities in Bangladesh are recognized and approved by the-

This helps the students who graduate from medical colleges in Bangladesh to appear for major tests like the USMLE, PLAB, and practice in all countries worldwide. The infrastructure and quality of education are excellent. Students are provided with high-quality accommodation at much cheaper rates.

Why MBBS In Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has grown to be one of the most preferred locations to pursue a degree in MBBS for international students. Several valid reasons point to Bangladesh as a top country to pursue an MBBS degree at an affordable price. International students coming from all around the world applaud the facilities and services provided by the leading medical universities in Bangladesh. Students from neighbouring countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan and those from the Middle East apply for MBBS in Bangladeshi medical universities as they are respected for their superior education quality. This quality is easily comparable to the standards offered in developed countries. All the top medical universities have also been recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). They have been enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS), giving them high credibility.

Bangladesh has shown a significant improvement in terms of education. With time this country is becoming one of the preferred destinations for medical students worldwide who want to get an MBBS degree abroad.

The following are the reasons why getting an MBBS degree from Bangladesh is the right choice for international students:

  1. The standard of education is excellent and is comparable to other developed countries.
  2. The cost of the complete course of MBBS in Bangladesh is quite affordable compared to other countries worldwide.
  3. The graduates from the medical universities in Bangladesh are allowed to attend various international seminars and conferences. This helps in their development as successful doctors.
  4. Bangladesh has Top Medical Universities which offer world-class education with high-quality standards and well-experienced staff.
  5. The accommodation is very affordable, with high-quality standards and facilities.


Benefits of MBBS from Bangladesh

  1. The MBBS degree from a Bangladesh Medical University is recognized by WHO and UNESCO and is accepted globally.
  2. No entrance test is required for admission, which makes the admission process much more comfortable.
  3. No donation is required to get admission to a Bangladeshi medical college.
  4. Students studying in medical colleges in Bangladesh are allowed to get an internship in some of the world's best multinational companies and hospitals.
  5. Students are provided with the practical's and experiments to improve their skills in a better way.
  6. The quality of infrastructure, education, and accommodation are comparable to other developed countries.
  7. The hospitals are well equipped with excellent infrastructure and technology.


Study Pattern

No Doubt, the standard, and quality of medical study in Bangladesh are much better than in so-called developed countries like China, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine – in those countries, and you cannot find a clinical base medical study, whereas in India or Bangladesh, more emphasis on clinical base.

In Bangladesh, the MBBS course comprises five years, followed by a compulsory rotatory internship of one year, its own opt-in country. The course follows the semester system, each semester consisting of six months. The MBBS course is divided into three phases, viz., Pre- Clinical, Para-Clinical, and Clinical Phase.






1st Phase

1.5 years




First Professional MBBS 

2nd Phase

1 year

Community Medicine

Forensic Medicine

Second Professional MBBS

3rd Phase

1 year

Pharmacology & Therapeutics



Third Professional MBBS

4th Phase

1.5 years

Medicine & Allied subjects

Surgery and Allied subjects

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Final Professional MBBS


Eligibility for International Students:




List of Approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh 2022

List of Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Medical Colleges under Dhaka University

  1. Dhaka Medical College - Public - Dhaka
  2. Sir Salimullah Medical College - Public - Dhaka
  3. Mymensingh Medical College - Public- Mymensingh
  4. Sher-E-Bangla Medical College - Public- Barisal
  5. Faridpur Medical College - Public - Faridpur
  6. Shaheed Suhrawardi Medical College - Public - Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka
  7. Shaheed Syed Nazrul Islam Medical College - Public - Kishoregonj Sadar, Kishoregonj
  8. Sheikh Sayera Khatun Medical College - Public - Gopalganj
  9. Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College - Public - Circuit House Rd, Gazipur
  10. Sheikh Hasina Medical College - Public- Tangail
  11. Patuakhali Medical College - Public - Patuakhali Sadar
  12. Colonel Malek Medical College - Public - Manikganj
  13. Sheikh Hasina Medical College - Public- Jamalpur
  14. Dhaka Dental College - Public - Mirpur-14, Dhaka-1206
  15. Mymensingh Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Mymensingh
  16. Sir Salimullah Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Dhaka
  17. Shaheed Suhrawardi Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

List of Non-Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Medical Colleges under Dhaka University

  1. Bangladesh Medical College - Private - Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209
  2. Jahurul Islam Medical College - Private - Bhagalpur, Bajitpur, Kishoregonj
  3. Dhaka National Medical College - Private - Jonson Road, Dhaka
  4. Medical College for Women & Hospital - Private - Uttara Model Town, Dhaka
  5. Z. H. Sikder Womens Medical College - Private- West Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  6. Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College - Private - Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  7. Community Based Medical College - Private - ChurKhai, Mymensingh
  8. Kumudini Women’s Medical College - Private- Mirzapur, Tangail
  9. Ibrahim Medical College - Private - Shahbagh, Dhaka
  10. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College - Private - Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka
  11. International Medical College - Private - Tangi, Gazipur
  12. Tayerunnessa Memorial Medical College - Private - Board Bazar, Gazipur
  13. East West Medical College - Private - Turag, Dhaka-1230
  14. Enam Medical College - Private - Savar, Dhaka
  15. Shahabuddin Medical College - Private - Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212
  16. Uttara Adhunik Medical College - Private - Uttara, Dhaka-1230
  17. Nightingale Medical College (Recognition withheld) - Private - Ashulia, Dhaka – 1349
  18. Popular Medical College - Private - Dhanmondi,Dhaka1205
  19. Ibn Sina Medical College - Private - Mirpur. Dhaka
  20. Delta Medical College - Private - Mirpur-1,Dhaka-1216
  21. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College - Private - Dhanmondi,Dhaka
  22. Ad-din Women’s Medical College - Private - Maghbazar, Dhaka-1217
  23. Green Life Medical College - Private - Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
  24. Dhaka Community Medical College - Private - Moghbazar,Wireless Railgate,Dhaka-1217
  25. Monno Medical College - Private - “Monno City” Gelondo, Manikgan
  26. MH Samorita Medical College - Private - Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
  27. City Medical College - Private - Gazipur Chowrasta, Gazipur-1702
  28. Marks Medical College - Private - Mirpur-14, Dhaka-1206
  29. Diabetic Association Medical College - Private - Jhiltuly, Faridpur
  30. Northern International Medical College (Recognition withheld) - Private - Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
  31. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College - Private - Outer Circular Road, Dhaka 1217
  32. Dhaka Central International Medical College - Private - Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207
  33. Universal Medical College - Private - Mohakhali, Dhaka
  34. President Abdul Hamid Medical College - Private - Karimganj, Kishoreganj
  35. Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College - Private - South Keraniganj, Dhaka.
  36. Ashiyan Medical College - Private - Barura, Khikhet, Dhaka-1229
  37. Bikrampur Bhuiyan Medical College - Private - Sreenagar, Munshigan
  38. US-Bangla Medical College - Private - Rupganj, Narayangonj
  39. Monowara Sikder Medical College - Private - Bhedergonj, Shariatpur
  40. Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College - Private - Savar Cantt.,Dhaka-1344
  41. Pioneer Dental College - Private - Baridhara, Dhaka-1229
  42. City Dental College - Private - Malibagh Chowdhury para, Dhaka-1219
  43. University Dental College - Private - Maghbazar, Dhaka-1217
  44. Sapparo Dental College - Private - Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230
  45. Bangladesh Dental College - Private - Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
  46. Update Dental College - Private - Turag, Uttara, Dhaka-1711
  47. Mandy Dental College - Private - Hazaribag Dhaka-1209
  48. Saphena Women’s Dental College - Private - Malibagh, Dhaka-1217
  49. Marks Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Section-14, Mirpur, Dhaka-1206
  50. MH Samorita Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208
  51. Delta Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Mirpur-1,Dhaka-1216
  52. Kumudini Women’s Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Mirzapur, Tangail
  53. Dhaka Community Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Moghbazar,Wireless Railgate, Dhaka-1217
  54. Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Savar Cantt.,Dhaka

List of Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental College/Dental Unit under Chittagong Medical University

  1. Chittagong Medical College - Public - Chittagong
  2. Comilla Medical College - Public - Comilla
  3. Cox’s Bazar Medical College - Public - Cox’s Bazar
  4. Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College - Public - Chowmuhani, Noakhali
  5. Chittagong Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Chittagong

List of Non-Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Colleges under Chittagong Medical University

  1. Central Medical College - Private - Laksham Road, Comilla
  2. Eastern Medical College - Private - Dhaka Chittagong High Way, Comilla
  3. B.G.C Trust Medical College - Private - Chandanaish, Chittagong
  4. Institute of Applied Health Science (IAHS) - Private - Foy’s Lake, Chittagong
  5. Southern Medical College & Hospital - Private - Khulshi, Chittagong
  6. Mainamoti Medical College - Private - Jhawtala, Comilla
  7. Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College - Private - Agrabad,Chittagong
  8. Chattagram Intermational Medical College - Private - Chandgaon,Chittagong
  9. Brahmanbaria Medical College - Private - Ghatura, Brahmanbaria
  10. Marine City Medical College - Private - Bayazid Bostami,Chittagong
  11. Chittagong International Dental College - Private - Chandgaon, Chittagong

List of Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Colleges/ Dental Units under Sylhet Medical University

  1. M.A.G. Osmani Medical College - Public - Sylhet
  2. M.A.G. Osmani Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Sylhet

List of Non-Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental College/ Dental Unit under Sylhet Medical University

  1. Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College - Private - Pathantuly, Sylhet
  2. North East Medical College - Private - South Surma, Sylhet
  3. Sylhet Women’s Medical College - Private - Naya Sadak, Sylhet
  4. Parkview Medical College - Private - Taltola, Sylhet
  5. North East Medical College, Dental Unit - Private - South Surma, Sylhet

List of Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Colleges/ Dental Units under Rajshahi Medical University

  1. Rajshahi Medical College - Public - Rajpara, Rajshahi-6100
  2. Rangpur Medical College - Public - Rangpur
  3. Khulna Medical College - Public - Khulna
  4. Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College - Public - Bogra
  5. M. Abdur Rahim Medical College - Public - Dinajpur
  6. Pabna Medical College - Public - Hemayetpur, Pabna
  7. Jessore Medical College - Public - Jessore City Bypass, Jessore
  8. Satkhira Medical College - Public - Satkhira
  9. Kushtia Medical College - Public - Kushtia
  10. Shaheed M Monsur Ali Medical College - Public - Sirajgonj
  11. Rajshahi Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Rajshahi
  12. Rangpur Medical College Dental Unit - Public - Rangpur

List of Non-Govt. Medical Colleges & Dental Colleges/Dental Units under Rajshahi Medical University

  1. North Bengal Medical College - Private - Dhanleandi, Sirajgonj
  2. Islami Bank Medical College - Private - Sopura, Rajshahi
  3. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College - Private - Enayetpur, Sirajgonj
  4. T.M.S.S. Medical College - Private - Thengamara, Gokul,Bogra-5800
  5. Prime Medical College - Private -Pirzabad, Rangpur
  6. Rangpur Community Medical College & Hospital - Private - Medical East Gate, Rangpur
  7. Northern (Pvt.) Medical College "Recognition Withheld" is withdrawn as per order of High Court against WP-7897 of 2016 - Private - Medical East Area, Dhap, Rangpur
  8. Barind Medical College - Private - Boalia, Rajshahi
  9. Gazi Medical College - Private - Sonadanga, Khulna
  10. Ad-din Sakina Medical College - Private - Rail Road, Jessore
  11. Ad-din Akij Medical College - Private - Boyra, Khulna
  12. Khulna City Medical College - Private - KDA Avenue, Khulna
  13. Rangpur Dental College - Private - Medical East Gate, Rangpur
  14. Udayan Dental College - Private - Rajpara,Rajshahi
  15. T.M.S.S. Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Gokul, Bogra-5800
  16. Islami Bank Medical College Dental Unit - Private - Sopura, Rajshahi

List of Medical Colleges under Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

  1. Armed Forces Medical College - Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206
  2. Army Medical College Chattogram - Chittagong Cantonment
  3. Army Medical College Rangpur - Rangpur Senanibash
  4. Army Medical College Jessore - Jessore Senanibash
  5. Army Medical College Cumilla - Cumilla Senanibash
  6. Army Medical College Jessore - Jessore Senanibash
  7. Army Medical College Bogura - Bogura Senanibash
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