Answer: First of all, you have research about your desired institute. You can research from List of institute available at Study in Bangladesh official portal. You can find about the institute, offered courses or programs and eligibility, Fee structure etc. Prepare the soft copies of your original documents and start applying.



Answer: Mostly you need to collect all the soft copies of your original academic qualification certificates and marks cards. We suggest you prepare pdf of your documents and then according to institution’s requirements, start applying with those.



Answer: Your application is being received by University designated moderator. After submitting your application to your desired university, the application is received and processed by your university admission section. You may get a call from the university for counselling or verification purpose.



Answer: With Study in Bangladesh, you will be able to apply to multiple institutes at once. There is no limit to add institutions in your choice list but we suggest you apply to 5 institutes at most.



Answer: Most universities take at least 15 days to verify and process an application.



Answer: You will find offer letter/admission letter sent directly from university admission cell in your student dashboard. 



Answer: If you meet eligibility criteria, you may receive offer letter/admission letter from all the institute you’ve applied to.



Answer: After you receive offer letter/(s), you will get maximum 7 days to accept an offer. Note that even if you receive multiple offer/admission letter from multiple institute, you will only be able to accept only one admission letter. Other letter will automatically get discarded.



Answer: After you accept, a designated moderator from university will contact you and inform you what to do next.



Answer: Applying through Study in Bangladesh is absolutely free!