Independent University, Bangladesh Offers Scholarship

Categories of Scholarship, Financial Aid & Tuition Fee Discount

IUB shall offer Merit Scholarship, Financial Aid and Tuition Fee Discount in the following categories as per the percentages mentioned against each:

a. Merit Scholarship.
1) Based on the Result of the Admissions Test. : 50/100%
2) Result of SSC& HSC/O&A Levels. : 50/100%
3) Based on the Semester Result. : 30-100%

b. Financial Aid.
1) Need-Based Financial Aid- NBFA On Entry. : 50-100%
2) Need-Based Financial Aid- NBFA Returning Students: 20-100%
3) Children of Freedom Fighters. : 50-100%

c. Tuition Fee Discounts.
1) Extra-curricular Activities. : Up to 100%
2) Physically Challenged Students: Up to 100%
3) Saima Hall: 100%
4) Students from Small Tribal Community: Up to 100%
5) Female Students. : 10%
6) Sibling discount: 50%
7) IUB Employee & Their Dependents: 50-100%
8) Special Tuition Discount on Entry: Up to 100%
9) Son/Daughter of IUB Alumni: 10 %

Merit Scholarship

  • General. The merit-based scholarship is a financial incentive that IUB will give to a student primarily on the basis of performance in Admissions Test, Result of HSC/SSC/O/A Level and Semester result. Merit Scholarships can be taken away from a student for lack of performance prescribed by the University.


  • Merit Scholarship Based on the Result of the Admissions Test.

a. Percentage of Scholarship: 50 or 100%
b. Top 5% of the highest scorers of the selected students in the IUB Admissions Test (Test 1 & Test 2 separately) will be given a 50/100% Tuition Waiver. In case all the students selected under this category do not enrol at IUB, the 5% quota would be fulfilled from the other students as per the order of merit of the admissions test so as to maintain 5% promised quota from the student.
c. Admission Committee may decide the total number of students for 50 or 100% based on the overall standard of the intake of the admissions test.
d. Students getting scholarship under this category need not apply to the authority, this will be given automatically.
e. Students of this category will have to earn minimum 30 Credits in a cycle of one year according to any of the suggested combinations: (9+9+12), (9+12+9) or (12+9+9), as per his/her convenience. From forth semester onward the student will have to maintain a minimum of 12 credits.